Mannat House : A Glimpse Into Shah Rukh Khan’s Opulent Abode

Mannat house

Mannat House : A Glimpse Into Shah Rukh Khan’s Opulent Abode

The Mannat residence of Shahrukh Khan is among the most costly assets possessed by any Bollywood star. The home, which combines modern and neo-classical architectural styles, is located in Bandstand Bandra. At now, Mannat is estimated to cost 200 crores of rupees. shahrukh khan mannat house

 is a six-story structure that occupies 27,000 square feet. The main points of this page will be covered, along with the cost and other pertinent information about mannat. 

Highlight of Mannat House

Shah Rukh Khan house name Mannat
Location of the house   Mannat, Land’s End, Bandstand, Sandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050
Area (in sq ft)   27,000 sq ft
Shah Rukh Khan house price    Rs 200 Crores Approx (Source: HT)
Total no. of floors  6
Architect  Rajiv Parekh renovated in 2016
Interior Designer  Gauri Khan, along with architect-and-designer,Kaif Faqui
Shah Rukh Khan net worth  His net worth iS approx 7S0 million dollars

Shahrukh Khan Mannat House – Inside Tour

Shahrukh Khan Mannat House - Inside Tour

The lavish estate is designed to wow, spanning six storeys and more than 27,000 square feet. These floors are home to five bedrooms, an incredible patio, Shahrukh’s office, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, a stunning pool, an extravagant library, and a private movie theater. The property is tastefully furnished, with a touch of Gauri Khan’s own style in each room. But first, let’s speak a little bit about the entry to the Shahrukh Khan mansion before we catch a small view of the insider.

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Living Room In Shahrukh Khan Mannat House

Living Room In Shahrukh Khan Mannat House

Mannat house has placed his living quarters in a way that honors his regal position. Expensive paintings and other artwork are utilized to embellish the space, along with luxurious furniture and rugs. The wooden staircase in the living area leads to the bedroom on the higher floor. The actor’s lifestyle and attitude were taken into careful account throughout the construction of the staircase. 

Shahrukh Khan Mannat House Bedrooms

Shahrukh Khan Mannat House Bedrooms

Every family member has their own bedroom in Mannat, complete with all the luxuries of the contemporary world. The bedroom is furnished with a wide wooden door, a large brown velvet couch, and enormous windows that let in plenty of natural light. A king-size bed featuring a mirrored headboard, gold accent pillows, and animal print cushions are present. The kid’s bedrooms at Mannat house are also expertly designed with the tastes and choices of the kids in mind, and the décor are kept subdued. 

Walk-In-Closet Inside Shahrukh Khan Mannat House

Mannat house shahrukh khan, also features a walk-in closet where they keep their expensive clothing and footwear. This closet features sections set aside for storing their priceless items and glass walls. To further enhance the aesthetic, the closet also has a dressing table and an antique mirror. 

Office And Study Areas In Shahrukh Khan House

Shahrukh Khan’s home is furnished with premium wood in the study and office areas. The lounge area has been designed with premium oak panels and is adorned with trophies, giving it an amazing and dreamlike aspect. The space contains luxurious leather couches, carpets, and appropriate bookcases displaying the actor’s numerous accolades to further enhance comfort. 

Terrace At Mannat Shahrukh khan House

Terrace At Mannat Shahrukh khan House

Mannat house shahrukh khan residence’s most exquisite features is the terrace. Worth the excitement is the fact that it faces the Arabian Sea. Elegant, diverse pieces make up the well-decorated patio. There are lots of eye-catching furnishings, carpets, and plants that add to the paradise. 

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Shahrukh Khan And Gauri Khan’s farm

Shahrukh Khan And Gauri Khan's farm

The 20,000 square meter home of Shahrukh Khan located near Alibaug. The magnificent architecture and gardens of this house are well-known. At present, the property is valued at 15 crores of rupees. The villa offers every contemporary amenity required for a relaxing stay. 

Mannat House Price

Shahrukh Khan had to pay the amount of Rs 15 crore to rent Mannat house. Now it is believed that the house is worth Rs 200 crores. The main reason for this is that real estate in Bandstand Bandra costs Rs 43,000 per square foot. Given the extravagant interior decor of the six-story building, the Mannat house price is undoubtedly high. 

Mannat Shahrukh khan House Address

You can look up Shahrukh Khan’s home address in the section below.

Mannat, Land’s End

Bandstand, Bandra (West)

Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India

Shah Rukh Khan House Key Facts

Here are some key facts associated with Shah Rukh Khan’s house:

  • In 2001, the Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust sold “Villa Vienna,” which is now known as “Mannat,” to SRK. The actor first gave it the name “Jannat,” but as his career peaked, he changed it to its current name.
  • Some of the most valuable items one may possibly own are adorned with images of the house. A marble sculpture of Radha-Krishna, a pair of four-foot-tall black vases from Paris, a jade Ganapati, and a massive painting depicting Subhash Awchat’s reclining clown are a few of them.
  • Mannat srk house interior was created by Gauri Khan and designer/architect Kaif Faqui. It took over ten years to finish. In order to provide family privacy, she also constructed the expansive patio. SRK frequently visits the Mannat house terrace to welcome his supporters.
  • Additionally, Shahrukh Khan holds his meetings at Mannat’s office.  The office is filled with family photos, artwork, and dark cupboards. Shahrukh Khan has stored all of the prizes he has earned over the years in the award room or lounge that is part of the Mannat house office.
  • Mannat house was refurbished in 2016 by architect Rajiv Parekh. At that time, Aryan Khan’s floor was restored while he was studying in the United States. The custom-made boxing ring was replaced with a new design as part of the remodeling.


What is the number of rooms in Mannat house ?

Mannat has six stories, with a distinct bedroom on each to accommodate the actor’s opulent lifestyle. 

Where is Delhi’s SRK home located?

The most affluent area of Delhi is South Delhi, where SRK has his residence. 

In Mannat house, how many people may reside?

Mannat house can accommodate at least 225 people with ease. 

How much does Mannat Palace cost?

Taking into account the upscale interiors and the surrounding area, Mannat Palace cost Rs 200 crores.


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