Mixkit com :( Your Go-To Hub for )Creative Assets

Mixkit com

Mixkit com :( Your Go-To Hub for )Creative Assets

Are you looking for free artistic materials to use in your projects? You may stop your search right now because I’m going to tell you about an amazing gateway that has an enormous library of stock media files. Allow me to present mixkit com to you! 

In today’s mixkit com, we’ll look at its features, user interface, and customer support.

We shall also make an effort to comprehend its main advantages and disadvantages. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Know About Mixkit com

mixkit com is an online platform that provides high-quality, free content, including music, sound effects, video templates, and artwork that is entirely unprotected by copyright. The most potent internet marketplace, Envato Elements, initially made it available in 2019.

You may use more than 50,000 original stock photos for business or personal purposes. That’s right, they come at no cost, and the website is free as well. With only one click, you may quickly obtain these stock assets from a website and utilize them for your projects.

Process to access the website

Process to access the website

You must take the action listed below in order to access the website:

  • Initially, choose the device’s most widely used “Browser”.
  • Next, use your computer’s search bar to locate the official website.
  • Make sure you get on the homepage by choosing the official website from the displayed search engine results.
  • As soon as you land on the homepage of the official website, you will notice a ton of artistic creations.
  • Now choose a service from the list on the page.

Categories Offered on the website

Should we investigate the various kinds of free assets to confirm that these mixkit com free components are completely free? Let’s discuss the technical details of the free sections in addition to licensing. Since audio and video material are the primary focus of our website, we will discuss these subjects.

  • Video clips

  • Video clips

This free video library is decent even if it’s not the best. Full HD is available for the majority of free movies. There aren’t any 4K clips available that we could find. Here are a few more libraries offering free 4K content.

After downloading more than 20 videos, we examined the quality. Our findings are as follows:

  • A suitable bit rate is 20–25 Mbps.
  • The file sizes of each clip range from 30 to 60 MB.
  • Music tracks

The music collection on it has hundreds of free tracks. Based on the sound and our previous experiences with Envato’s repertoire, these songs seem to be at the lower end of the quality range.

The following are the outcomes of several downloads:

  • All songs are in mp3 format.
  • All of them are compressed using Pro Tools.
  • SFX

  • sfx

There’s also a fantastic assortment of free SFX on the mixkit. co. The audio files have a WAV extension. The bit rate, albeit on the lower end, is still acceptable.

The method is permissive licensing. You may use these free sound effects on YouTube, social media, video games, TV, radio, and commercial projects.

  • Art and Illustrations

Though they do not provide free photographs, mixkit com’s website does offer a free art collection of creative and colorful images divided into more than 15 categories, including Business, Computer, Food, Love, Music, and so on. 

The mixkit. Co offers the original artwork for download, which you can then use as a desktop or phone wallpaper. Nevertheless, the phone wallpaper format illogically crops the photo. 

  • Video Templates 

Are you a video editor? But these templates can save you a ton of time! Another collection of free movie templates is accessible for users of video editing software including DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion – Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the Mixkit. co

The mixkit. Co provides a wide range of services, which has several benefits and drawbacks for users. These include:


  • Efficient User Interface: The mixkit. Co user interface is modern, streamlined, and extremely easy for inexperienced people to utilize. You only need to click on an asset to view it or download it. 
  • Ads That Are Not Invading: Although the mixkit. Co is branded with Envato Elements, there are no intrusive pop-ups or banners that direct users to other websites. 
  • Wide Range of Assets: Our website doesn’t focus on a single type of media asset. Free downloads of movies, graphics, music, sound effects, video templates, and more are provided to you! 
  • Individualized Licensing for Each Asset: They offer an exclusive license for each asset that is made accessible. This is quite helpful in terms of receiving clarification on how to utilize the product properly. 


  • Not Free: At this time, their mixkit. Co does not offer any free stock photos. It will be the greatest place to find free stock media in the future only based on this feature. 
  • No option for creating an account: None is offered. This is a problem since users can’t peruse a list of the files they have downloaded or create wishlists. 
  • Restricted Collection: Their collection consists of almost fifty thousand objects total. They also fail to specify the number of assets that are accessible in each category. 
  • Upsells for Envato Products: Throughout the whole mixkit com interface, there are banner ads and adverts promoting an upgrade to Envato Elements. I don’t hate the Envato logo, though, because it’s a reputable website.
  • No Customer : Their website does not include a live chat feature, help page, or email address where you may send inquiries. You can also use the social networking buttons to access Envato Elements.

Using the Mixkit is free or Paid?

Indeed, there are a ton of free creative resources available online. Without any sort of gating, it provides an abundance of content, including free stock footage, audio tracks, sound effects, and video templates. The free downloads don’t require registration. Everything is there, available for your use in accordance with their license authorization.

Is Mixkit com a Legal Site?

In spite of its slightly surreal appearance, the website is authentic. The website is the spawn of the popular marketplace Envato. Envato uses this website to provide free music, sound effects, and video samples to the creative community. If you enjoy the free content on the website and think you could use more of it, Envato may be a perfect fit.

In Conclusion

mixkit com is a great place to get free creative elements because it has a lot of great resources available. It offers an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of material, and transparent licensing. It is still a safe and reliable platform, backed by the respectable Envato marketplace, although without stock photos and account services.

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